Our Services

Process Serving

Familiarizing ourselves with the paper's content, we're able to fulfill any, or all of the following services, ensuring the client is updated throughout:

  • Collect Papers from the client or Court.

  • Respond at short notice for urgent service i.e. Freezing Orders, urgent Children Act Orders etc.

  • Prepare for the method of service i.e. if evasive subject, back up for violent Defendant, liaise with local Police to inform them of our intentions, obtain URN reference number and when required request and arrange Police attendance to prevent a breach of the peace on service.

  • Carry out detailed inquiries if Defendant, Respondent or subject is not at place of residence, work or places regularly frequented.

  • Provide a sworn Affidavit of Service or Statement of Service, and if required deliver to any Court, office or location of client, together with a full written report.

Full Trace & Missing Persons Inquiries

We provide a full database search on locating a subject's place of residence, or links to where the subject could be residing short term. This service is provided on a no trace no fee basis. All methods used are conducted in a covert manner so the subject is unaware.

General Investigations

We are able to conduct in-depth investigations concerning criminal and civil cases, using our extensive experience all within current laws and rules of evidence.

Undercover Work

We conduct general covert undercover operations, all of our undercover operatives are fully trained and abide by the laws and rules concerning Agent Provocateurs and entrapment.

Evidence can be gained using covert video and audio equipment, with full transcriptions which meet all court and tribunal requirements if required.

Injury And Illness Claims

We are skilled in obtaining irrefutable evidence for illegitimate or exaggerated claims.


We provide a full surveillance service to establish evidence in many fields including domestic matters, employment issues, false claims, locating absconded debtors and neighborhood issues.

All work is priced individually and the client will be supplied with a full report, surveillance logs, timed and dated photographs and video evidence, all of which can be transferred into statement format to the requirements of any court or tribunal. All of our staff can also be treated as professional witnesses.


On discussion with clients we would:

  • Decide and advise the requirement to obtain the desired result.

  • Recommend the number of personnel required and the method of approach i.e. observation van or vans, selection of cars, motorcycles or footmen.

  • Prepare detailed briefings for each surveillance operator.

  • Deploy fully trained operatives with suitable equipment to obtain a covert result.

  • Use covert radio communications and microphones.

  • Obtain time and dated digital video footage and still photographs which can be used as evidence in Court.

  • Keep recorded surveillance logs all duly signed, timed and dated.

  • Provide Witness Statements prepared from the surveillance operatives, compiled for any Court or Tribunal hearings.

  • Give evidence, if required

  • Ensure that all operations are carried out within the rules of GDPR, Entrapment Laws and Civil Trespass.

Witness Interviews & Statements

We pride ourselves on our professional statement taking which can be provided as typed and signed documents, or signed handwritten originals with typed copies.

Employee Theft & Dishonesty

We can undertake work to detect theft and dishonesty in the workplace, including employees faking illness, bogus injury claims, malpractice and compensation claims.

Matrimonial & Partner Investigations

We can help by carrying out professional surveillance and by providing you with fully detailed authenticated reports backed up, if necessary and where possible, by video and photographic evidence. We can also act on your behalf as professional witnesses to support you through the process of law, if need be. At all times we can assure you of complete confidentiality.

Road Accident Investigations

We offer a full road traffic accident investigation service which includes detailed witness statements from parties involved, sketch plans, Locus report including measurements, series of photographs and description of roadside furniture etc.

We can also help with
  • General case preparation

  • Preparation of Affidavit

  • Court attendance

  • Filming/personal profiling

If there is a service you require that is not listed, please get in touch to see if we can help.